Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

A new year and a commitment to get back to blogging. Hope you have a wonderful New Year's Eve full of friends and merriment!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Making A List - Checking It Twice!

Christmas menu decisions - so much to cook - so many lists to make! It's all about organization and planning!
My annual ritual - scour all my recipe sources for my holiday cooking.

Baking - need to bake cookies for the neighborhood holiday cookie exchange - Rosemary Cardamom Pinwheels - so different, so delicious!

Christmas brunch at my brother's house - - - assignment - French Toast casserole - - - Mmmmmmm - Eggnog French Toast with Cranberry Apple Compote - sounds great!

And now for the true challenge - Christmas Dinner for my husband's family of 11 (and all of their families) - now you understand the lists - this is a well orchestrated event - - -
The menu this year:
Appetizers -
Buffalo Chicken Meatballs with Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce - this recipe is from the Famous Meatball Shop in NYC!
Rosemary Parmesan Almond Savory Crackers (addictive!) - from Fine Cooking
Tangy Red Pepper Nut Dip with Pitas,
Caramelized Onion and Apple Tart with Thyme and Gruyere,
and ...
Shrimp and Andouille Cakes.

Dinner -
Fennel Garlic Roast Pork Loin served with
Mashed Potatoes and Rutabagas with Creme Fraiche - my recipe - no holiday dinner is complete without!
Celery Root and Sweet Potato Gratin,
Parsnips with Dates and Spiced Yogurt,
and a Crunchy Winter Veggie Salad.

My sister-in-laws bring the desserts. For libations - St. Cecelia's Society Punch and plenty of wine.

Now you understand the lists - and yes, I check them twice - and still I need to send my husband out for forgotten items.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Clickity - Clackity

Well, I've been busy with my knitting needles - trying to get some "potential" Christmas gifts completed - one of these days I want to keep something for myself - both of these projects may end up on my scarf hook in the mudroom - I'm overdue!

Here's the diagonal scarf - it's made from a fine merino wool that is very flesh colored - not really pink - flesh hued. The pattern is free from Churchmouse Yarns and is available on Ravelry. When it comes off the sticks it's all curly at the edges.
A quick steam and it lays nice and flat - - -
All five feet of it!I love the pattern - it's about 18 inches wide.
After finishing the diagonal scarf I moved onto this shield pattern done in a beautiful mercerized cotton with a lovely sheen. The pattern is available free at Ravelry - A Noble Cowl.

It's not difficult, but you really need to pay attention to the pattern - I like using lots of markers to keep track of my stitches.
It's a cowl - nice and over-sized so you can bunch it up about your neck. And best part for me - no wool, so no itch! Merry Christmas me!
I'm still busy with the needles - clickity clacking - busy with my sweater - second sleeve just about finished!

Quilting - next week I'll be back in the sewing room. I have lots of news and some great new quilts to share.