Sunday, February 5, 2012

Madonna Owned Half-Time

Madonna was amazing! 
Completely rocked the Super Bowl! 
Best half-time show in years! 
Proof that we are getting better, not just older! 
And Ceelo - perfect! 

Half-time nourishment? 
Vietnamese Sandwich with well seasoned pork meatballs and super-spicy sauce. 
Step aside chicken wings - this hot is full of flavor, not just heat! 
 Served it up with a zucchini noodle salad
from my new favorite foodie blog 
amazing Vietnamese recipes and more! 
 Beverage du jour 
Love the label 
hard cider from Frecon Farm, Boyertown, PA 
 And for dessert, The E-A-G-L-E-S 
This was the only way the Eagles were going to make it to the Super Bowl

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Inspire Me!

I've been following Geninne for years
ever since finding her lovely birds on etsy.
She inspires me
her blues, her oranges,
her artistic honesty

And now I can have her in fabric
Cloud 9 - organic
love the strike-offs 
can't wait until I can buy it!

More inspiration ...
- - - Uppercase Journal - - -
Eye Candy
Creativity on steroids
Like you've never seen before
Visit the site for more!
And finally
Sewn Paper - 3D
Be Inspired!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Boston or Bust!

Time to catch up.
Visited Boston 2 weeks ago - for snow!
And to deliver the "stache" apron to Mike - my daughter's boyfriend.
Here it is - grid quilted and complete with faux leather pocket
He loved it!
- Let me explain -
This is Mike in costume - his Halloween costume
That thing on his head is his moustache "costume"
He made it - out of yarn!
I told you he was proud of his facial hair.
Looks fitting with the apron.
We had a perfectly gorgeous snowy day the Saturday I visited
Roamed all over Cambridge
I was on a mission
My new very favorite store 
I love it!!!!
A full line of knitting supplies
 An eclectic collection of fabric
including Malka Durbrowsky's collection
Kokko, Enchino, and so much more

And nothing makes me swoon like a great window display
It had it all!!!
Can't wait to return!
Mission #2 in Cambridge - 
A honey store - everything honey
I manage a farmers' market in my free time - hah!
Always on the look out for interesting foodie fodder

Follow the Honey had it all - lots of fodder!
A honey store complete with a tap
 Grab a jar
And fill'er up!
 We bellied on up to their "honey bar" to taste honey from around the world.
Guess where this honey is from - love the giraffe on the label
And, yes, we even tasted honey from killer bees!

The shop was full of everything honey,
Balms and butters,
Lotions and creams,
Candles and candies,
Bee inspired jewelry
and these great neck ties!
Love the graphic!
Sunday we headed to SOWA Winter Market
I'm forever exploring every farmers' market I can find 
Always looking for new ideas.
!!! Pasta !!!
My Market - East Goshen Farmers' Market - doesn't have pasta
Look at these offerings!
Yum - now I'm on the hunt
Need ... to... find ... pasta .... maker ... for ... summer ... market!!!
Closing photo
On Harvard's campus
Do you see the face
His bow tie is crooked!
- Side story -
I bought yarn - twice - on my trip to Boston.
Bought a sock project Friday night at a cute little shop on Newbury St.
Left it in the cab!
Bought another sock project at Gather Here
Finished one sock today  - YEAH!!!
Need 2 to post - 
Give me another week, probably 2!