Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stache Buster

What did you think?
Stache - - - not stash!!!
Let's face it - 
no one wears one like Tom!
- it's all about the available follicular real estate between the nose and the upper lip - 
yup - it works fine for Tom!
 Why all this talk of the stache?
"where's my stache?" from Alexander Henry
Love this fabric!
I saw it at Purl Soho two weeks ago and had to have it!
My daughter's boyfriend sports a significant stache
- Selleck-esque -
Quite impressive!
And, he's mighty proud of it, as he should be.
I'm pairing it up with this manly faux leather -
 It will make the perfect apron for him!
Stop by tomorrow for the finished project
or, a work in progress.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Guggenheim - Cattelan

I like to share my "field trips" with you,
but I'll admit I had second thoughts about today's field trip.
NYC - The Guggenheim 
 A six story atrium
featuring the installation -  All - by Cattelan
Disturbing, perplexing, unsettling
At first you're captivated by the immensity of it all - 
Yup - that's a horse hanging there!
there's lots of taxidermy.
 Yes, an elephant in a ghost costume,
positioned over the 2 dogs,
 A steer with motorcycle handlebar horns.

Picasso showed up - larger than life.
See the Z's for Zorro - there were many of them.
 Picasso showed up again as the focal point
in a Roy Lichenstern-esque piece.
A wall of faces - don't know the meaning to this.
I've spared you the truly disturbing
- you're welcome - 
Interesting, yes.

Have you been?
What did you think?

Stopped by MOMA - great font exhibit.

Dinner - Eataly - 
Mario Batali's massive restaurant / grocery store featuring all things Italy - YUM!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Love This Guy

My apologies first:
- saw this at another blog yesterday, but can't remember who to give credit to - 
lo siento!

I love this guy
- P. Nosa
after all, what quilter can pass up a guy quoted as saying - 
"it is my firm belief that all of life's questions can be answered with a sewing machine"
- - - swoon! - - - 
You complete me!

Get to know him - watch his kickstarter video

You can find lots of other fun 5 words or less sewing videos from P Nosa at youtube.com. 
Thanks P. Nosa!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lion - and Tiger - Brand Yarn: Flagship Store NYC

- no trip to NYC for a fiber freak is complete without a stop at the flagship store -
Look at this great tiger pelt 
- completely knitted by Ruth Marshall - 
all stretched out on a bamboo frame.
But the real reason for the visit to Lion Brand Yarn  - the window display
Every stitch of the display is knitted or crocheted
Hello Eskimo!
the photo from outside is always difficult because of the reflection on the window
 Here's a peak at the Eskimo from inside - with a full catch of knitted fish. 
Who thinks of this stuff?
Who knits this stuff?
Thank You!
You complete me!

Keeping the Eskimo company - 
a walrus
knitted, of course!
size 17 needle tusks!
Thank you Lion Brand - you never disappoint! 
Cheers to your creative staff!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

City Quilter - NYC - January Gallery

Love this quilt - mostly sheers
the shadows are haunting as they dance on the wall
No Escape by Ruth Marchese
The imagery and symbolism represent the tsunami and earthquake in Japan.
As I sit here typing this blog CNN is airing tsunami warnings for Indonesia.
The shadowing makes this quilt very three dimensional.

And I love this piece Shape Study - Dark and Light by Erin Wilson
Crisp, graphic - symbolic language.