Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stache Buster

What did you think?
Stache - - - not stash!!!
Let's face it - 
no one wears one like Tom!
- it's all about the available follicular real estate between the nose and the upper lip - 
yup - it works fine for Tom!
 Why all this talk of the stache?
"where's my stache?" from Alexander Henry
Love this fabric!
I saw it at Purl Soho two weeks ago and had to have it!
My daughter's boyfriend sports a significant stache
- Selleck-esque -
Quite impressive!
And, he's mighty proud of it, as he should be.
I'm pairing it up with this manly faux leather -
 It will make the perfect apron for him!
Stop by tomorrow for the finished project
or, a work in progress.

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