Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lion - and Tiger - Brand Yarn: Flagship Store NYC

- no trip to NYC for a fiber freak is complete without a stop at the flagship store -
Look at this great tiger pelt 
- completely knitted by Ruth Marshall - 
all stretched out on a bamboo frame.
But the real reason for the visit to Lion Brand Yarn  - the window display
Every stitch of the display is knitted or crocheted
Hello Eskimo!
the photo from outside is always difficult because of the reflection on the window
 Here's a peak at the Eskimo from inside - with a full catch of knitted fish. 
Who thinks of this stuff?
Who knits this stuff?
Thank You!
You complete me!

Keeping the Eskimo company - 
a walrus
knitted, of course!
size 17 needle tusks!
Thank you Lion Brand - you never disappoint! 
Cheers to your creative staff!

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Lion Brand Yarn Studio said...

We're feeling so exotic these days with a tiger pelt and a walrus just inside the door. You took some great pictures of the displays!
Glad you like it here, come by and visit us any time!

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