Monday, January 16, 2012

The Guggenheim - Cattelan

I like to share my "field trips" with you,
but I'll admit I had second thoughts about today's field trip.
NYC - The Guggenheim 
 A six story atrium
featuring the installation -  All - by Cattelan
Disturbing, perplexing, unsettling
At first you're captivated by the immensity of it all - 
Yup - that's a horse hanging there!
there's lots of taxidermy.
 Yes, an elephant in a ghost costume,
positioned over the 2 dogs,
 A steer with motorcycle handlebar horns.

Picasso showed up - larger than life.
See the Z's for Zorro - there were many of them.
 Picasso showed up again as the focal point
in a Roy Lichenstern-esque piece.
A wall of faces - don't know the meaning to this.
I've spared you the truly disturbing
- you're welcome - 
Interesting, yes.

Have you been?
What did you think?

Stopped by MOMA - great font exhibit.

Dinner - Eataly - 
Mario Batali's massive restaurant / grocery store featuring all things Italy - YUM!

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