Friday, July 1, 2011

Basking in Success

So yesterday was the Grand Opening of the East Goshen Farmers' Market - a producers only farmers' market that I organized for my community - check out our blog for all of the details of opening day. Suffice it to say - much planning, targeted marketing and a whole lot of hard work from my committee members resulted in complete success.

Today, honestly I've been basking in our success - it really feels good to have pulled this off - without team work it would have never gotten off the ground. We're such a creative group that despite our success yesterday, today the emails have been faced paced with new ideas to add to the market.

Tonight - a little time to relax. For dinner we had a fantastic tart made by my new market friend, Gil - all locally sourced ingredients including the butter, cream , lard, and flour. It was filled with earthy mushrooms and a tangy chevre. Check out his blog! Don't you love his label! I've been following Gil's blog for over a year and never put 2 and 2 together when we invited him to the market.

Right now my husband and I are sitting on the patio - what an incredible night - just finished a cup of espresso prepared with Joe's Honduras Dark coffee from the market. Every good cup of espresso needs a sweet - Gil's caneles were perfect - heavenly little caramelized morsels with a custard-y interior - their addicting.

To keep the bugs at bay we decided to infuse ourselves with a touch of Grappa - all too often known as nectar of barbed wire - however this small batch grappa from Cedar Creek Distillery out of Portland, OR is smooth as silk! The perfect summer night! Thanks Gil and Joe!


Gaetano said...

I'll need a swig of your grappa when I get out there. OK?

Anonymous said...

Lisa, have you abandoned your blog? I really enjoyed reading it. Hope all is well with you and your family. Francie M

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