Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Gather Here" Satchel

Gather Here - Cambridge, MA
Here's what found its way home in my shopping satchel - - -
 In love with this great fabric from Kokka
Never saw it before
All sewing images - 
a mix of Victoriana and contemporary
Brownie - Brownie by Trefle for Kokka
 Vintage graphics - - - 
 Contemporary laundry symbols - - -
 Its a mid-weight canvas
 What am I doing with it?
My attache!
My "I'm a quilt book author" attache!
Something to pack up what I need to lug to lectures!
 I've been working on the pattern - - -
will share my beta testing soon
 This fabric will be perfect!
 Can't wait to share.
 Hmmmmm - "dressmaking"?
I was inspired!
 Picked up this lovely Lissette pattern
Skirt and blouse
Perfect for the summer!
 For the blouse - what a funny word!
An organic coral cotton
For the skirt - a lovely neutral linen blend
Life's too short to just sew quilts!
 Love this Alexander Henry
Dandy Lion
 Canvas duck weight - - -
 The design explodes into these big seed heads - - -
 What to do with it?
More bags - perhaps!
 Some complimentary floss - - - 
 More girls!
Love this stuff - - - 
Played with it a few weeks ago - so fun!
 More Lotta Jansdotter
 Simple - - -
 Paired with this historical reproduction fabric 
from the Victoria and Albert Museum
 That's it - - - 
hope you enjoyed!
Watch for projects in the upcoming weeks!

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