Saturday, February 5, 2011

Opening Night at Jenkins

It was Opening Night of Celebrating Nature's Beauty in Stitches at Jenkins Arboretum last night and what a lovely evening it was! I love how this photo shows the reflection of the quilts in the massive windows of the visitors center. Unfortunately the arboretum is open only during daylight hours, so if you missed the opening, you missed the chance to appreciate the reflections.

The collection of quilts selected for the show is impressive - this wall in the main room features quilts by one of the feature artists, Barbara Persing - notice the lighting, particularly the Gum Blossom quilt in the upper right hand corner - rectangular lighting to really highlight the quilt - the staff at the Arboretum is so professional!This wall in the main room features a collection of quilts by another feature artist, BJ Titus,
and the quilts on this wall were created by a variety of quilters selected for the show.
Bargain tip - entrance to the arboretum and quilt show is free; not to mention, the show booklet is only $5 and contains great photos of all of the quilts in the show.

Viewing Tip: the quilt Seasons of Pollination by the Longwood Gardens Quilters (pictured above) is hanging on the giant windows in the board room. When you view this quilt during daylight hours it appears as though it is gridded - why - - - because the daylight illuminates the seam allowances creating a shadowing effect, adding a completely new dimension to the beauty of this stunning quilt.

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