Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Yardage Record

Yup - that's a whole bunch of yardage - - - enough for the 10 quilts in the queue awaiting finishing - - - right about now the Steelers would love this yardage.

Thank heavens for continuous binding - whipped this stash up in less than 4 hours yesterday - - - I was a machine! Today and tomorrow - - - getting it onto the quilts - - - yippee!!! I took a bunch of pictures for the special little things I do to simplify making continuous binding - - - soon - - - soon I promise I will re-visit binding to give you my tips for making the easiest binding ever!!!

And in celebration of the Super Bowl - - - RIBS!!! This year I'm passing on the standard gooey barbecue ribs drenched in sauce in pursuit of something different - - - Coconut Barbecue Ribs. Baby back pork ribs are steamed first (the steaming gives up a lot of the fat making a fairly fatty meat a smitch leaner), then marinated in a bath of deliciously infused coconut milk - seasoned with cilantro, shallots, garlic, lemon grass, ginger, brown sugar and soy sauce. I couldn't find any fresh lemon grass but this stuff in the tube was an acceptable replacement.

I used the lite coconut milk - no sacrifice in flavor and far fewer calories.
Wondering what my ginger is resting on??? That's a ginger grater.
I like to peel the ginger before grating - then you just rub the ginger nub over the rough surface, and, presto - beautifully grated ginger.
The hairy strands are left behind - do you think you could weave those into fabric???
These ribs were fantastic - so tender and full of flavor. I saved half of the marinade to try with chicken thighs later this week.
I made a light salad to accompany the ribs - don't you love my maroon carrots - super high in beta carotene, and so beautiful in a salad.
Go Steelers!!! - - - Loving the commercials!!!

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