Friday, February 5, 2010

Badge Crazy

Yes, the visual has changed on my blog today. Blame it on Badges - those cute little logos from other blogs and websites - I've become obsessed - I want them - I have to get more! It's like going to the Olympics and collecting pins from other countries - I'm collecting badges. My husband is planning an intervention. Know of a good badge out there - tell me about it. I know at some point I'll have to stop collecting, but for now I like the element they add to my blog site, every good blog needs a little bling.

O.K. - I was sitting in my sewing room today - staring out the window - trying to motivate myself to keep quilting Olivia's quilt - I am easily distracted. It was a gray day, not much to look at with an impending snow storm predicted for Chester County. There is a huge copper beech tree right outside of my window - I always think the trunk of that tree looks like the foot of an elephant. Today as I looked at that tree I got a sneaking suspicion that someone was watching me - you know the feeling - creepy. Then he came into focus. . .

Hello - Yes, I know I have admitted to having a vivid imagination, but this man has been staring at me for years and today is the first time he revealed himself to me. Now I don't know about you, but I think he bears a striking resemblance to none other than Davy Jones himself.

If I've grown a Pirates of the Caribbean themed tree I'd much rather find Johnny Depp hiding among the branches than Davey Jones - I'll keep looking - if I find him you'll be the first to know!


Christine said...

Hahahah! Love it!

Ah the badges.. its ridiculous isn't it?! I am going to be adding Anne Sutton's Snowbound badge to my blog this morning. I'm slowly forming my addiction too. Bling it up! :) Christine

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saw the face right off. don't know if I could sew or dress with that tree watching. you are too funny!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with next storm. Hey! have you considered being a food editor? ck

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