Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sweetly Sings My Bird

Say "Hi" to Sweetie, my little birdie that sits atop my sewing machine - she has quite a magnetic personality. She guards my EZ thread needle - the one I use to bury all of my quilting threads in the batting. If I'm sewing really fast, and my machine starts bouncing around a little, she'll start singing her little tweetie song - always makes me smile! I especially love her colors, so much so that ... they are showing up in my new project. If you haven't noticed, I keep a number of projects going at the same time. When I finish a big project I like to reward myself with a quickie project, so, here's my quickie - a table runner - a liberated table runner - no rules, cut and sew - using up the fabrics I purchased on my shopping trip yesterday. I just cut a bunch of strips and started sewing.
Here's my table runner - I've moved the blocks around since I snapped this photo to breakup the blocks with the darker red solid. I had a lot of strips left over after piecing it - so I decided to piece the back - you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see the back, and the quilting.
I apologize for not having a recipe today - here's the reason - I did make a cabbage and pork dish for dinner, but I just didn't like it enough to share. In addition to quilting my table runner, I've been cooking all day as well - getting ready for a dinner party Saturday night - today I made duck rillettes and pickled fennel for my appetizer. Promise to share a full photo review of the dinner party with you on Sunday!


Jackie said...

That runner looks great!

Anonymous said...

L: as always, you crack me up: what are duck rillets? and pickled fennel?????? you keep expanding my horizons. OK, table runners, here I come. Had decided to do some as next projects and you just challenged me. ck

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