Saturday, February 6, 2010

Meet Lily

This is our Lily - she is a four pound (with collar and tags) Maltese. Lily doesn't have a tail - I'd have shared a photo with you but it's not a very flattering angle, if you know what I mean . I do apologize - she is in need of a grooming - me too - but if you're like me, trapped by the nor'easter of the mid-Atlantic, you too are likely still in your jammies.

Today Lily is modeling her root beer float dog sweater - it was her Christmas gift from me. The knitting pattern can be found at My Savannah Cottage (, a wonderful shop on my favorite site on the web, She really does look like a root beer float, complete with a cherry on top. The pattern directions were excellent!

Lily also has her own quilt (she actually has a few). Whenever I make a bed quilt there are typically a few extra blocks from samples and my practice quilting scraps. I take those extras and sew them together for Lily. She loves the minkie backing. Here's Lily's quilt and the larger quilt we humans in the family use. Maybe you can help me out here - I think the fabric is Michael James Colorways from a few years ago, however I searched the web and can find no reference to a commercial line of fabric from Michael James.

Did I mention it's snowing outside, again - we have about 20 inches - and it's to snow for another 4 hours - here we go again. Normally I would be cooking my heart out by this hour of a good nor'easter, but we are actually going to a wine tasting party at a friend's house tonight - as long as the electricity holds out. Don't get me wrong - I love a good party, especially with the great group of friends we are getting together with tonight. But I am feeling somewhat cheated out of my nor-easter - that feeling of being trapped at home, filling the house with the smell of comfort food and cookies, no pressure to do anything other than shovel the snow. I'll get over it - tonight will be a blast I know that, and just the fun of getting there and home will be an adventure - I love adventures!

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Kelly Meanix said...

She does look like a root beer float!

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