Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 3: Lancaster - Hit the Galleries!

If you're heading to Lancaster Thursday or Friday for the AQS Quilt Show you've picked beautiful weather. Try to make time during your visit to take in the predicted sunny skies and warm weather by making the short walk from the convention center to Gallery Row (Prince Street) - you will not be disappointed!

As you can see by the many signs dangling from the buildings, Gallery Row has a lot to offer.

Artisans Gallery always has a very varied showing - I love their collection of artists photographed in their studios - not certain who the photographer is, but the images truly capture the spirit of the individual artists. The current exhibit features the works artist Lou Schellenberg - a great study on light and shadow.

Red Raven Art Company is my favorite gallery. I particularly love the work of two of their member artists - Matt Chambers and Art Harrington - their paintings of the farmland countryside are so inspiring.
And, don't miss City Folk - this eclectic store offers beautiful housewares and art - I could live in this shop!

There are lots of little eating places to pick up a quick lunch in the area. I typically head to the Prince Street Cafe for a jolt of espresso, double please! To fuel up on calories - I strongly suggest Carmen and David's Creamery next door for a dose of the best ice cream in the city - quilt shows are strenuous business - you don't want to run out of energy!

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