Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day Four: Central Market in Lancaster - - - Open Friday

If you're heading to the AQS Lancaster Quilt Show Friday or Saturday - be advised - bring an ice chest and give yourself time for a visit to Central Market, the gem of downtown Lancaster and directly across the street from the Convention Center. The market is only open Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

I suggest you hit the market for breakfast and lunch - the variety of selections will make you wish you were spending the week so you could sample something from every vendor in the market. The market has a little bit of everything - - -

The expected German deli supplying the Pennsylvania Dutch with the best of the wurst. I've got a piece of their goosewurst in my fridge now - mmmmm!
Prefer something more exotic - how about Middle Eastern cuisine,

Need a sweet - try to pick just one from this array of Greek pastries. The variety of ethnic vendors will amaze you!
I shop at the market every chance I get. One of my favorite new vendors is Linden Dale Farm - their goat cheese selection is exceptional; and, they sell goat meat - I love goat meat.
For organic produce, local whenever they can get it, I shop at Green Circle Organics. In addition to produce, they also carry great breads, eggs and cheeses.The market boasts a wonderful spice and herb merchant to add zest to all of your recipes.

And if you really want to add some heat to your food - find the fresh horseradish maker - your nose will help you find the way. Fresh horseradish is entirely different from the jarred stuff. That is his manual horseradish grinder - this is the real deal!

Stoltzfus Bakers stocks all of your guilty baked goods pleasures, and has a nice variety of jams and jellies. Make sure you pick up a pint of Pennsylvania Dutch chow-chow, a mixed vegetable relish. I grew up eating chow-chow and just love it.
And, LOOK UP! The energy of the market can distract you from taking in the beauty of the building, but take time to appreciate the architecture - look up!!!
Will I ever get to the quilt show - soon, but there is just so much to see in Lancaster!

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