Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Here's My Eye!!!

Now my birdie can see what's going on - - - she's got a eye, complete with lashes. As for that wide open beak - - - well, something's gotta come out of there - - -

A song will be perfect - all I need are some notes!
I added fern stitch embroidery to the wing with the hand-dyed silk floss.
The tail feathers are accented with fern stitch, blanket stitch and stem stitch.
A close up of my dancing feet.
Here's one of my girls - she's got two other friends to keep her company on the quilt top. Soon time to put it all together!!! I'm toying with writing up a pattern - - - it's so quick and easy - and it gives just enough hand work to keep you busy during American Idol. I'd like to give C&T's Pattern Spot a try and this would be the perfect pattern to list.
Its been a rainy day here - perfect day to bake a loaf of bread. I'm using whole rye flour and a sprouted wheat flour. I purchased the rye flour at my local growers' market from Sunrise Flour Mill - it is made in Minneapolis, but their daughter is local.
I used the Rye Pumpernickel Bread recipe from Sunrise Flour Mill - it calls for cocoa and strong coffee to impart a special flavor and add to the rich color. I used honey in place of the sorghum syrup. And, since I was experimenting with the sprouted wheat flour, I decided to add some vital wheat gluten to enhance the structure of the gluten development.
Ahhh - the house smells great - - - nothing like baking bread!!! Beautiful!!!
O.K. - - - an air pocket or two adds to the beauty of the loaf - it is delicious!

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