Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hot Weather Recipes to the Rescue

I promise to return to sewing next week - this week is just too busy to think of starting (or finishing) a project. I did however find time to purchase some fabric on yesterday - - -

My, oh, my - - - toile - who - - - me??? Certainly not my standard fabric selection - - - and they are definitely not destined for a standard "Lisa" sewing project - - - nothing quilty!

The East Coast is centered under Mother Nature's blow torch again this week - - - aggggrrrhhh!!! Not to worry --- I've got 2 recipes to help you beat the heat - yummy, light, easy, healthy, low in calories - - - feel good food, despite the heat!!!

Cold Chicken and Rice Salad from this month's Cooking Light - followed the recipe exactly plus added an apple for some crunch and sweetness! So delicious!!!

And, Cuban Papaya Salad from the current issue of Clean Eating --- as a dietitian I simply I love the premise of this magazine - responsible, honest eating and cooking. This recipe was to be served warm but I opted to make it a cold salad - i did not saute the spinach and beans - just chilled everything after sauteing and then tossed it all together - so nourishing! Sorry - the recipe isn't on-line yet - - - you're gonna have to buy the current issue - - - don't fret - there's plenty of great recipes in this issue to try!!!

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