Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Squirrel Got Into The House!!!

Actually, I invited him in - - - isn't he adorable!!! It was love at first sight!!!
Who could resist such a cute face?

I picked him up in Boston this past weekend at the SoWa Market in South Boston - it takes place every Sunday offering up an eclectic collection of arts, crafts and foods - what fun!!! I'm so lucky to have a daughter living in Boston - I just love visiting Beantown!

The back of the pillow is made of a sturdy twill, complete with the label - - -

It was created by Erin Flett of Maine - visit her website and her etsy shop - - - she has beautiful designs!

Take a close look at Nutley - he needed a name - he's screen printed on barkcloth!!! And, who loves barkcloth - - - ME! Erin found a source for solid barkcloth - Full Swing Textiles - - - guess who is going to be ordering her own solid barkcloth to play with - - - ME! Can't wait to see how it takes to paint and dye!!!

She uses her out-of-date calendar pages as her calling card - aren't they beautiful? If you're planning a trip to Boston on a weekend I highly recommend visiting SoWa - take in a lovely outdoor brunch while you're in South Boston. Oh, and yes - there is a quilt shop close by - Grey's Fabric and Notions on Harrison Street - a great selection of patterns for non-quilty projects!!!

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