Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Eyes Were Bigger Than My Stomach!

West Chester Farmers' Market yesterday - and as usual - I over did it! I simply cannot say no to gorgeous produce - look at my cache - 5 different kinds of salad greens, broccoli, baby beets and their beautiful greens, Swiss Chard, radishes and local tomatoes!
And my favorite vegetable - spring's candy - sugar snap peas!!!
From Highland Farms - lovely sheep's milk feta, Camembert and fresh yogurt.
It will take careful menu planning this week to be certain I use all of my produce. Tonight - grilled salad pizza. I made my own pizza crust with organic flour - my husband manned the grill topping it with spring onion slices and Camembert while on the grill. After it came off of the grill I topped it with salad greens and flavorful tomato slices - and dressed it with a simple shallot vinaigrette - - - CRAZY DELICIOUS!!!
To accompany our pizza I made a quick saute of sugar snap peas, radishes and carrots - tossed with lemon zest and lemon juice - so refreshing!

Have a look at the flowers I picked up at the market - peonies, and - - -
a beautiful mixed bouquet - - - thank you to all of the amazing farmers who work so hard to put this amazing food on our table!

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