Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bathing Babes

Yes - I am using a doll as my model today - all of the neighborhood babes were napping when I wanted to snap my photos! Spring brings a flock of new babies - time for one of my favorite baby gifts - a homemade hooded towel. Back when I had my babies a neighbor gave one of these little gems - I actually still have it! They are perfect - all you need is a wash cloth and a bath towel - make sure it's super soft for the baby!
It just couldn't be simpler - fold the washcloth in half, right sides together. See the pins on the right end - that is my back seam of the hood - just sew a quick seam, making certain you back-tack.
Now, create a cuff on the front of the hood and secure with pins.
Find the center of the bath towel along one of the long sides. Position the seam of the hood at the center point - right sides together as shown.Now pin the hood to the towel - your towel will not lie flat at this point - don't worry. Sew the hood to the towel - back tacking to secure the ends of the seam
There you have it - a great hooded towel. I will typically add the name of the baby using my embroidery machine along one end of the towel, but the name of this yet to be born baby boy has not yet been made public.
I always include a nice collection of my favorite baby bath products - Burt's Bees - just smelling these products make me remember bath time with my babies!
Here's another pic of the towel on my doll - I always leave the tags on the towels.

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