Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Doing My Civic Duty

It's Election Day today - time to put on my civic duty duds! This will be a sleeper election - the turn out is expected to be minimal - - - how will I pass the time???

Here's my reading bag - I've got my current issue of the Hancocks catalog - i-phone in hand - yes, there could be fabric shopping from the polls. A number of other recent periodicals and catalogs I've been stashing to distract me from the long day at the polls.
And, have a look at this book - Shadowfolds by Jeffrey Rutzky and Chris Palmer - I picked it up at City Quilter 2 weeks ago - the technique is amazing!!!
This is a pattern for one of the projects -
Here's a look at the partial process - I cannot wait to try this! I need a slow election day every now and again to catch up on my interests.

Have you voted today???

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Anonymous said...

Yes both my hubby and I voted. He was #58 and i was #59, at about 2:00
Debbi F

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