Monday, May 16, 2011

Top 10

Where have I been - - - well here are the Top 10 reasons I've been absent:

10. Plain and simple - SPRING FEVER!!!
9. Moved daughter #2 to her 200 sg. ft. studio in NYC
8. Returned the following weekend with all of the Ikea pieces we were missing - arggggh!!!
7. Busy cooking - lots of great, healthy recipes - promise to share them with you!
6. Organized my sewing room - all my fabric is neat and organized - for now!
5. Starting a Farmer's Market in my community - it's a lot of work!
4. Returned to program chair for my guild, Calico Cutters Quilt Guild - more work.
3. Sewing is not to blame - haven't turned on my machine in the past 3 weeks - I just needed a break. Speaking of "break" - I did manage to break my serger in that time span - drat!
2. Gardening, weeding, mulching.
1. Worth Repeating - SPRING FEVER!!! I got it bad!!!

Hope you too are enjoying spring!!!

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Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Glad you're back, Lisa. Missed ya.

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