Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nancy Cosmos Debuts at Jenkins Arboretum

Stalking Nancy: Last year at the Lancaster Quilt show I saw this quilt and was simply blown away - the use of color, the movement in the design, everything about this quilt was captivating. The name of the quilt is Hamlet and it was made by Nancy Cosmos, Nancy Cosmos of Malvern - STOP - I live in Malvern and not many quilters slip by my quilter radar. Who is this woman and why don't I know her. The investigation / stalking began - I start e-mailing friends - they don't know her. I realize she actually lives less than a mile from me - who is she and why don't I know her??? That month at my guild meeting, Calico Cutters Quilt Guild of West Chester, PA, this visitor steps up on the stage and unfurls Hamlet - the visitor is Nancy Cosmos - I jumped up and shouted "I've been stalking you" - and so started my friendship with Nancy.

The Opening: Last night Nancy opened an exhibit at Jenkins Arboretum in Wayne. As we walked toward the lovely new visitors center for the arboretum we were greeted by a beautiful view of Nancy's tumbling blocks quilt - it was the perfect lure to pique your curiosity for what awaited you once inside. Nancy has quite a "fan club" as attendance was excellent at her opening. Her quilts were beautifully presented on the massive walls of the visitor's center. Meet Nancy in front of one of her quilts.

One of my favorite quilts was this beautiful impressionistic interpretation of the gardens of the Jenkins Arboretum in bloom. Nancy - congratulations on an amazing show! Pinch yourself - it wasn't a dream!

Nancy's exhibit, Order and Chaos, Color and Perspective will be on exhibit at the Jenkins Arboretum- through February 21 so plan accordingly - you don't want to miss it.

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