Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Waltz of the Monster Dress Forms

I tend to have a vivid imagination. A few months back I was heading somewhere on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, east out of Valley Forge - probably to either Boston or NYC - where my daughters attend college. It was early morning and the sun was coming up on the horizon when I met the ladies of the turnpike for the first time. We were about four miles east of the Valley Forge entrance to the turnpike when these massive, yet quite graceful, dress forms waltzed into view. They seemed float above the landscape - not sure if they are headed east or west, north or south, but they are a sight to see. Next time you're passing through that area keep an eye out for them.

On to my knitting - I'm currently working on a sweater from CHIC Knits called Ariann - picked it up at Loop in Philly - - a great little knitting store at 1914 South Street. I've finished the body of the sweater and really love the lace pattern. Today I started the sleeves - on double point needles - I am not fond of working on double points - but I did notice a distinct similarity between my knitting on double points and a quilt I created last year. This is a block from the quilt - I call the quilt Illusion #9, and there's an interesting story behind it but that's a later post - maybe I should re-name it to Double Points.

I decided to teach myself something new today - no double p
oints for me - I like them visually, but not for knitting a sleeve. Thanks to Youtube, again, and all of the wonderful people who post fantastic instructional knitting videos, I taught myself how to use 2 circular needles to knit my sleeves. I'll let you know how I progress but so far I definitely think it's an improvement. The double point imagery quilting theme - you can be sure you'll be seeing more of that to be certain.


Christine said...

I see the dresses! That's so neat! Thanks for sharing your observation. I look forward to seeing your sweater :) Christine

Kelly Meanix said...

I love the color of the yarn.

Anonymous said...

Cool Beans. I was just about to tell you to use 2 circular needles when I read on, and you had already converted. DARN! I thought I could teach you something. Great comparison to your 'theme' quilt! CK

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