Sunday, May 16, 2010

Catching Up - A Look at First Friday in Lancaster

Last Friday, May 7th, I headed out to downtown Lancaster, PA for the city's monthly First Friday Gallery Walk. A number of my local communities host First Friday gallery openings and I was expecting pretty much the same. Much to my surprise, the city of Lancaster hosts, without a doubt, hands down, undeniably, the best First Friday in the area. The sidewalks were crowded with people enjoying all Lancaster had to offer - there were lines to get into some of the galleries.

Over 70 galleries and shops participate in this monthly event. The array of art work in the galleries was quite impressive. I did not attempt to take any photos in the galleries - it just wasn't appropriate. Suffice it to say - if you live close to Lancaster, you need to see this to believe it. Many of the galleries had musicians either in the gallery or outside - it was such a lively event and the weather that night was simply perfect.

We spent about 3 hours in the city and only saw about 20% of the participating galleries - just an excuse for many return visits! The Uptown section of the city is home to many vintage retailers, one of my favorites of the night was called ZAP. Take a look at the "Wall of Barkcloth"!

Now, I've yet to share my barkcloth collection with you - some day - when I think you're ready. I can only tell you that my heartbeat began racing when I saw this collection of one of my favorite fabrics. To add to my excitement was their stash of bakelite - my pulse was racing.

I cannot wait to return to Lancaster for another First Friday - I will not however be able to attend in June First Friday - WHY, YOU ASK - because Layers will be participating in the Gallery Walk in West Chester, PA that same evening. We have been asked by Morgan Stanley to display our quilts in their conference room - more on this as the event approaches - you're invited, of course! I've been told they have the yummiest snacks, and wine, of all of the participating venues.

If you go to Lancaster for First Friday here are some pointers - we arrived in the city at 6:30 PM and parking was easy in the downtown garages. The restaurants were quite busy - we opted for a light dinner at a great little sandwich shop - I really didn't want to waste time eating - the excitement was enough to dull my appetite. Before you head out to the city I suggest you explore some on-line sites to familiarize yourself with the city to get a feel for where you want to wander.

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