Saturday, May 1, 2010

Never Trust Red or Black!

Layers Tweets Challenge Update - - - FINISHED! This project took longer than expected because I tried a number of new techniques - can't wait to show you! The reveal is next Tuesday - but I won't post until Wednesday. I have numerous posts planned on the challenge that will show you the different techniques I used - I was snapping pictures the entire time I was making it.

Today I was getting fabrc ready for my next project - my baby quilt challenge entry. Here are two of the fabrics I plan on using in the baby quilt - one, a solid red from Kaufman, and the other a print with a saturated red from Andover. I always pre-wash my fabric if I intend to use it in a bed quilt - especially if red is involved.

And, I always launder them with one of these Woolite Dye Magnet sheets - I want to see if the fabrics lost dye.
Here's the before and after - the sheet on the left is before laundering, the sheet on the right is after laundering. Thank heavens I used the dye magnet or all of the red dye could have ended up in the white background of my printed fabric. Never trust red fabric.

Now - for why not to trust black fabric. This a a square of solid black fabric - not sure of the manufacturer - I cut a perfect 4 inch square.

Now I didn't even pre-wash this fabric - just cut the 4 inch square, spritzed it with my mister, and then took the iron to it on a cotton setting - I swear I could see it shrnk before my eyes.

Here it is after ironing - lost an eight of an inch - in only one direction! Imagine what a hot water washing could do to this fabric. And, just imagine what your quilt might look like if you assembled it with this unwashed black fabric - the one directional shrinkage would cause terrible distortion after washing.

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