Sunday, May 2, 2010


Photo-genetic: originating from a photograph.

My Layers challenge guidelines stipulates the following guidelines for quilt entries:

Photogenic- created from style elements captured via photograph.

Element—part of a whole

Explicit instructions – you will acquire 3 photos (camera, on line, in print) of distinct design elements which you must incorporate into the overall design of your piece. These design elements can be echoed in the quilt in various ways: as structural elements in the development of your bird(s) or background; stamped, painted, quilted, you name it.

I included this requirement in my challenge after taking this photograph.

I had been out for my morning walk back in the fall and came across this beautiful weed gone to seed. It didn't photograph well in the meadow on a very windy day, so I brought it home with me - it's been in my sewing room ever since - dropped all of it's seeds on my floor - I fearful all of my loose threads will act as organic matter to sprout these seeds. My photos of this weed inspired me to include the photo-genetic requirement in the Tweets challenge.

I love to create quilts from photographs - since conceptualizing my bird quilt I have accumulated over 50 pages of photographs in a Publisher file on my laptop - some photos are mine, many are from images I found on line. I use the photos as inspiration - all of the images on my quilts are based on my original drawings.

So, what are my photogenic inspirations - fine - I'll reveal them. My weed seed (above) is obviously one of my inspirations. This incredible fungus which grows next to my driveway was slated to be in my quilt but was edited out - next time!

Look at this beautiful skeleton of a week - a Queen Anne's Lace skeleton. It has found it's way into my Tweets challenge.
And this beautiful example of tramp art has also wandered into my Tweets challenge.
My Gran-pop had a number of tramp art frames - not sure where he got them. He was an avid auction attendee so he could have picked them up anywhere. But, I also have heard stories from my Mom of the hobos that found shelter at the family farm during the depression - perhaps they were a thank you from one of the recipients of his hospitality. We'll never know where they came from or where they are today.

So, you've seen 3 of my photo-genetic inspirations. The quilt will be revealed Wednesday! Stay tuned!

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