Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Knew Him When...

I grew up in a neighborhood full of kids - we did everything together. There was one special kid in my neighborhood - the boy you always knew was going somewhere, the one that was going to make it big. For me, that person was Eric Schaeffer.

Eric was the runt of the neighborhood litter - one of the youngest in the crowd, the one that we always had to include for fear of what might happen if we didn't. But from little on up, you always knew Eric had something special - his passion for basically everything was more than obvious to everyone. And, his ability to make you laugh was unsurpassed.

Meet Eric - he's all grown up now!

And, he's director of the hit NYC Broadway musical Million Dollar Quartet (also playing in Chicago) playing at the Nederlander Theater. This past weekend I traveled up to NYC to take in the Saturday matinee of the show - IT WAS FANTASTIC! The play is based on a real life recording session featuring Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis. The show is full of energy, the actors are uber talented, and the music is electric. My favorite actor is Levi Kreis who plays Jerry Lee Lewis - his performance is incredible. If you are in NYC or Chicago plan on taking in the show.

And now the really big news - the show is up for 3 Tony's - I will be glued to the TV for the ceremony! Eric received a Tony last year for best regional theater - he is co-founder and creative director of the Signature Theater in Arlington, VA. This "kid" was destined for fame - we all knew that!

It was my youngest daughter's 19th birthday and she picked our dinner destination (she goes to Parsons School of Design and lives in NYC) - we had a great dinner at a no nonsense eatery called Mama's Home Cooking featuring Southern favorites including buttermilk fried chicken, slow roasted pork and all of the standards sides - it was delicious.

O.K. - don't laugh at me - I have taken up a great new exercise - hula hooping - I love it - I'm a hooper! I use a weighted hoop - it's a bit painful until you get accustomed to the heft of the hoop - you really need to keep your abs tight to keep it from hurting. It's great for your core. While walking through the streets of NYC we happened upon this troupe of hoopers - my husband had to hold me back from joining in. Gotta go - time for hooping!

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