Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No Excuse

I have no excuse - I've been busy - busy doing a lot of little things, and not much quilting. After finishing "Feeling Blue" I was beat, emotionally. I get that way after reading a good book too - I invest so much of myself into it that I need a break to recover. This is my week to get back on track - and this is an exciting week as well - Gallery Walk Friday - the full update on the Gallery Walk tomorrow.

This holiday weekend was a whirlwind - had my daughters home - so we made the family pilgrimage to Hawk Mountain --- Ahhhhh - my girls!

I snapped a few photos of my beloved moss - I just don't know what it is about moss - I should be a gnome. Moss One.Moss Two.
I found the ever elusive Lady Slipper past it's prime, but I found one.
The mountain was awash in Mountain Laurel - I've always called them tidily-winks.

Sunday was all about relaxing and dinner with family. It was a beautiful day and we started out with G&T's and prosciutto wrapped melon for appetizers.

The squash blossoms were out at the grower's market - I can't resist them. I made my delicious stuffed squash blossoms.
I purchase the blossoms with baby squash attached - to ensure they cook completely I fan slice them.

I make a filling of fresh sheep milk brebis cheese which I buy at my growers market. The contents of the stuffing change all of the time based on what I have on hand. I throw in herbs, lemon juice, an egg, season with salt and pepper.

To stuff the blossoms you hold them open and then, using a small spoon (or pastry bag) fill the blossoms,
and then twist the ends of the blossoms to seal - here they are, ready for their dip in the batter.

I make a simple tempura batter with flour and club soda.

Here they are frying up - I do not deep fry - why - it's too much work. I simply put about 1/2 inch of oil in a skillet and fry on all sides.

Here they are, all set to enjoy. My family loves these blossoms! We had minted lamb chops with the blossoms - the lamb chop recipe is easy and excellent!

Yesterday we decided to head up to NYC - what a great day. Saw the latest Shepard Fairey mural, interesting. The mural wasn't 24 hours old when it was tagged by graffiti artists.

We also took a walk to see where my youngest daughter is working this summer, in Soho, on Broome Street, right next door to - - - Purl Soho!!!!! They were closed for Memorial Day but a return visit is in the planning stages. The photo isn't great, but that's Purl Soho.

Movie note - saw a hysterical movie - City Island - what a hoot!!!

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