Friday, June 4, 2010

Something Small for the Exhibit

I wanted to make a small piece for the gallery walk tonight - see Wednesday's post to learn all about the gallery walk - so I decided to play with a simple barn scene. Here it is - it measures 10 x 12 and is mounted on a stretcher frame. I titled it "The Summer Still" and is the third barn in what now could be called a series I suppose.

Here's a view from the side to give you an idea of how I constructed the piece on the frame. I first created the quilted barn, appliqued that to the quilted background, and then finished it with a pillowcase turn backing with a firm bat added for stability. For the frame, I quilted a like-background and mounted it to the stretcher frame. I then, very carefully, sewed the quilted barn scene onto the quilted frame - a bit tricky if I say so myself.

Here's the view from the back. I need to refine how to handle the corners to reduce the bulk, but overall I was happy with the results - thanks to staple gun submission. I really like the use of the frame with art quilt pieces - it give them a destiny - it defines them - it makes it easy for someone to take it home and hang it on their wall.
Big post tomorrow on the gallery exhibit - this is so exciting!


Lynn Weathers said...

Thank you for showing the back! I am considering this type of finishing technique for an upcoming project so I am collecting ideas. Did you hand sew the barn part to the frame?

Lisa ONeill said...

Hi Lynn - I did hand sew the barn part to the quilted frame, a bit tricky, but manageable. I got many positive comments tonight at the exhibit in favor of the framed pieces.

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