Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sad News

One of my favorite quilt stores -The Quilter's Palette in Fleetwood, PA, owned and operated by a good friend from high school days, Jackie, is closing it's doors for good by August 31st! The close out sale starts today - 20% off most everything in the shop. Jackie's beautiful hand-dyed wools are not on sale - she plans on making the rounds at local quilt shows to continue to market her wool, and wool kits and patterns. So sad to see the Quilter's Palette close - Jackie's fabric selection is fantastic - and, honestly, for those of you who have visited the famous Quilter's Palette bathroom - where on earth will we find better reading material to put a smile on our face every time??? Jackie - we'll miss the Quilter's Palette - best of luck!

Ladies - it's our job to empty those shelves - get up there and get busy!


Barbara said...

Seems to be happening more and more - stores closing. Try as I might to keep our local store in business, they are talking about leaving at the end of the year unless they find a buyer. So sad.

bettyp said...

Yes, that is a sad thing to have happen!! I try to buy local too for that very reason ....

Anonymous said...

There is a brand new store in
Horsham PA on route 463. Big space
and lots of wonderful fabrics. Name: The Round Bobbin

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