Thursday, November 18, 2010

Everyday is Veteran's Day

I didn't have an opportunity to write a Veteran's Day post last week so this is my belated Veteran's Day post - hopefully everyday we give a silent nod to the men and women charged with ensuring our freedom, preferably a loud shout out every now and again as well.

I found this wonderful quilt-in-progress last week on Sherri Lynn Wood's Daintytime blog and was captivated. This is her MERCY Quilt, the second in a series of prayer banners designed to evoke a connection with the loss of our American soldiers and Iraqi citizens killed in the conflict. Looking at the imagery of the quilt and reading her post gave me goosebumps.

She is looking for people to help stitch names on the coffins, a virtual Veteran's Day Sewing Circle, and I was happy to volunteer. Here are my coffins - I received them in the mail today and stitched them up immediately. She provides you with the person's full name, ranking and date of their death. With this information you can learn more about these fallen soldiers by looking up their information online at the Washington Post website.
Check out Lynns' blog post on this project.

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