Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sculpture in the Great Outdoors!

What a beautiful weekend!!! On Saturday my husband and I visited Jenkins Arboretum in Wayne, PA to take a stroll and to see their current exhibit - Wind Through the Trees - through June 2011. Here are some of my favorites - hope you enjoy the inspiration!

Here is Picnic in the Park by Janet Bauman - made entirely of plastic salad bowls from a salad restaurant and individually painted - I love the dangling cutlery.

Stamen Chime by Lauren Reinhard.
Pando by Steven Wright.
Wind Sheer by Jeff Kahn.
A portion of the Flying Bird Mobile by Steve Zartman.
Captured Flight by Ralph Berger made from a saw blade - wish the photo could be better.
Flyer by Rein Triefeldt.
Revolve by Peter Trout Gard - love the reflection!
Erstatz by Marisha Simons.
Wind Chain by Fielding Brown.
Wind Chime Pods by Rory Mahon - so elegant - - -
climbing into the trees!
Three Moons Rising by Jeff Kahn.
Sedge Wren by Pat Brentano Bremnick - first photo.
Same sedge wren with a different background peeking through.
Air Dry by Douglas Jarrett - wonder how this would go over in a neighborhood where outdoor laundry lines are prohibited? Tree Pod by Lauren Reinhard.
Know what this is? A watermelon radish - so beautiful in a salad, and deliciously crunchy!
This was another hit from Aarti Parti - Roasted Root Jumble with Halloumi Cheese served over polenta. This was a delicious vegetarian entree - the lemons make the dish - loved it! FYI - halloumi cheese does not melt - you can actually fry it. It is great in this dish.
A great pairing - Chimay!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. I don't get out much and don't think they would ever have an exhibit like that around my area, so this made my day.

Diane Mina Weltman said...

Lisa - Thanks for sharing your visit to Jenkins! I must see this exhibit and thanks to you and your great pix, I plan on doing so. Great blog!

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