Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thread Obsessed

Not me - Gabriel Dawe. Take a look at this amazing installation by Gabriel Dawe made completely of Gutermann thread. When you're finished being amazed by this example of his work go directly to his link to see more of his incredible work - you can see examples of his massive thread installations, as well as his fiber art and object art. His object art is a series titled Pain, and just looking it the pieces will set you nerve endings a-twitter.
I've been quite busy so please forgive my spotty posting - the holidays, the kids coming home from college, and a massive project due - have all served to stand in the way of regular posts.

Enjoy Gabriel's work!

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My Sweet Prairie said...

o my goodness.
that's nto blurry right? It's a clear photo? Incredible. GIANT string art.
in Saskatoon

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