Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This Car Brakes for Spam!

Spam - I'm not talking about junk e-mails - I'm talking about the infamous canned ham-like meat-like substance.

It can be all yours if you jump in the car and head to Oley, PA, home of the Oley Diner, where this week it's all about SPAM! I admit, being the dietitian I am, I jammed on the brakes when I saw this sign - I just had to snap a photo! Now that's home cooking! I've heard Spam is a huge hit in Hawaii, but we're not in Hawaii- they even make a Spam sushi in Hawaii. Honestly how can you eat Spam and then head to the beach in a bikini - it's just not happening.

They may go for Spam in Oley and Hawaii, but tonight I was craving something super spring-y for dinner. I made this great risotto primavera, topped it with a poached egg as well. Here are my healthy changes to the recipe as written - 1. used olive oil instead of butter, and only used half the amount, 2. used only half of the Parmesan cheese, and, 3. poached the eggs instead of frying. It was delicious! I served it with a simple salad of mache, grape tomatoes and cucumber dressed with a simple vinaigrette.

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Kim said...

I grew up eating spam......one can for 9 people..
yep Mom , Dad and 7 kids. I thought this was good eating...real meat! but now I know better....YUCK!
Love the salad above........did you put the egg on top?


Happy Sewing

Lisa ONeill said...

I used a poached egg on top instead of a fried egg.

Anonymous said...

please telll me you found a pix of Spam and that you didn't go out & buy just for our edification! ck

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