Sunday, April 18, 2010

Seeing is Believing!

On the way home from the Goggleworks last week I stopped at Ladyfingers Sewing in Oley - this is the building - it sits in the middle of corn fields. It was an old road house - my soon to be 90 year old Mother remembers going to hoedowns here when she was a teen. Ladyfingers is owned by Gail Kessler, who in her spare time is also marketing director for Andover Fabrics - over-achiever!

I've posted a few times in the past about the incredible thread selection at Ladyfingers, but I thought I'd let the pictures show you the extent of Gail's thread obsession. Oliver Twist - love it!

Superior Threads.

Presencia - love this thread but hate the spool - please Presencia get rid of the embossed spools!

Ahhhh! - the infamous YLI Soft Touch bobbin thread - Gail- we're running low.

I love Madeira colors and the rayon sheen.

Aurifil is fantastic!

Full collection of Mettler.

I think this is more YLI.


Full color range of Presencia.

Denise - Gail's right and left hand while she is in NYC all week at Andover, assures me that all of these threads are going to be added to their on-line purchasing site. Until then, all you have to do is call and they would be happy to ship anywhere.

In addition to thread, the store is chockful of fabric and fantastic notions. Gail keeps the entire line of Dimples from Andover in stock. Believe me now???


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

I have NEVER seen such a wealth and abundance of thread!

marie said...

I wish more quilt shops carried a wide variety of threads! That place looks great!

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