Friday, April 23, 2010

I Broke My Foot Today

What a day I've had, and PAINFUL!!! I don't even know what I did - but somehow it just broke - a complete and compound fracture - osteoporosis??? I just can't believe I broke my foot - my favorite foot - the foot I use more than any other foot in my foot collection.

Did you think I meant right or left??? Break one of those appendages and you get a pair of crutches - not perfect, but you can muddle through your day with them. I'm talking about #34 - I broke my #34 - and I have no idea what precipitated this horrible event - overuse??? There is no true replacement for #34 - no crutches to get you through your sewing without #34. This is no laughing matter!

Its a clean break alright - no screws are going to hold this in place. I love this foot - I can see exactly where my needle is going. I use it for all piecing, machine applique, some quilting and any regular sewing I do. I assume it just wore out! Off to Hinkletown - I need to replace this foot immediately! I've got a drawer full of other feet but none are as anatomically correct as #34.

I'm working on my bird quilt for my Layers challenge and I simply cannot share my progress with you - there are Layers spies lurking everywhere. I have been painting some background fabric - here is a piece I painted which will not work for the challenge, but it is way cool. I used Seta paints for the background and then highlighted it with a light glazing of these fantastic metallic paints from Stewart Gill - I don't really like metallics, but this stuff is very subtle - I picked it up in Houston 2 years ago - not sure where you can purchase it.


Anonymous said...

You got me! I thought it was your driving foot attached to your right leg. Go get another #34 so you can finish your challenge. Make sure you post pics of all of them when they are done.


Anonymous said...

I'm laughing: it is 3:20 AM, trying to get back to bed but figured I'd check your blog first. wonder we didn't hear from you today! You broke your foot!!! Oh dear, I was feeling sorry for you. THEN I scrolled down. Oh, heck. Buy two I say! I use lots of different feet but can't say I use a #34. I'm using the #57 at the moment...on my challenge. ck

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