Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Want One!

How cool is this machine!!!

It's from Yanko Design and it was designed by
Monika Jakubek and Anna Müller. But it's way more than just a cool looking contemporary sewing machine.

Those are ink cartridges - they color match your thread and literally print your thread to the correct color to match your fabric! What??? - Shut Up!!!!

One little pet peeve that matters big time - what is it with that bobbin - all I really want in the next version of a sewing machine is a BIG BOBBIN.

It even has an uber cool table! Fix the bobbin issue and I'm in.


Stephanie in Michigan said...

That is really interesting! Mind if I post a link to this on my blog?

Michele said...

The links aren't working just now but that machine is the coolest thing I've seen in ages. Can't wait to investigate further. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa ONeill said...

Stephanie - feel free to link to this post - thanks, Lisa

Stephanie in Michigan said...

Thanks, Lisa!

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