Saturday, April 10, 2010

Take a Hike

What a beautiful day for a hike - if you didn't have the chance to get out you're welcome to come along with me on my hike through French Creek State Park in Warwick Township, Pennsylvania. Not a lot of talk - just some inspiring photos - I've got my bird challenge in mind.

I love mosses - you're gonna see a lot of them.

Princess pine.
Cool tiny plant orbs - smaller than my pinky nail.
Forget the name - the foliage is as beautiful as the flower.
May apples.
Huge fungus! Love the ruffles!
Help - I don't know what this is???
Some trees were just loaded with this fungus.
Jack-in-the-pulpit - - - I just love these beauties.
Fiddleheads were simply everywhere!
Another Jack!
Hand-hewn lumber at Hopewell Furnace in the park.
Hopewell Furnace
Orange cart in the barn
In the barn
Moss anyone?
Hope she said YES! Isn't this so adorable - I would have loved to see the reaction on the girl's face when she saw her invite to the prom - this guy's a keeper!
These little beauties were everwhere!
We'll there you have it - my husband and I walked about 6 miles and we're exhausted - hope you enjoyed tagging along!

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