Saturday, July 17, 2010


Brooklyn has DUMBO - Down Under the Manhattan Brooklyn Overpass; Phoenixville has DUGSO - Down Under the Gay Street Overpass - the location of the Phoenixville Farmer's Market.

Despite the heat - I had another great day selling the Calico Cutters Baby Quilts - sold another 9 quilts today - here's the tent. All of the proceeds from the sale of these baby quilts is being donated to the Maternal Child Health Consortium of Chester County. And, yes, it was a hot one - 95 degrees - and I was in the sun for the better part of the day - thank heavens for the shade of the tent and the breeze.

At one point today a young couple walked up to the tent - they told me that one of their close friends was going through a difficult period and if it were not for the support and assistance of the Maternal Child Health Consortium they don't know what would have happened. It made standing out in the heat completely worth it - gave me goosebumps, and cooled me off at the same time.

I am now officially "the quilt lady" - says so right here:
And that's my sweet potato pie that "the sweet potato pie lady" sold me at the market. I went to school in the south and let me tell you this sweet potato pie was as good or better than any sweet potato pie I ever ate south of the Mason Dixon Line - absolutely scrumptious!

In addition to all of the great local foods available at the market today they also had zucchini bowling - you read right - zucchini bowling - the kids just loved it!


Miri said...

LOL! Zuccini bowling! Love it!

Those are lovely quilts and sounds like you've a good response. It is hot at summer markets!

LeeAnn Riloff said...

As another friend of MCHC - what a great story, and thank you for doing this!!

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