Friday, July 9, 2010

Grilled Pizza Anyone

Mmmmm! Grilled Pizza!

You have to believe me here - it is soooo easy to make grilled pizza, and it is soooo delicious!!!!

Start with the dough - I use this wonderful recipe from King Arthur Flour for Now or Later Pizza Dough, perfect every time. I make my own sauce by cooking down fresh, local summer tomatoes with olive oil sauteed garlic; using tomato paste as needed to thicken the sauce to my liking. Toward the end of cooking I add salt and pepper to taste, and throw in some fresh oregano from my garden. I adjust the richness and sweetness of the sauce with a splash of balsamic vinegar.

Deep breath - Cooking the Pizza - I'll admit I was nervous the first time I tried this recipe years ago - putting raw pizza dough on the grill - I envisioned a clean up of grand proportions. Relax and follow these steps for perfect pizza with no unnecessary grill clean up. Make sure you have all of your toppings ready to go - keep this simple - do not add a lot of toppings - simple is best - the sauce, the cheeses, the seasonings.

The key - a hot grill, very hot. Once your grill is hot be certain to oil the grate (use a vegetable oil - not olive oil - the burning temperature of olive oil is too low and will ruin the flavor of the pizza). Now, please do not be a perfectionist with the shape of your pizza - it's not going to be round. I make 2 pizza rectangles using the King Arthur dough recipe, about 18 x 11 inches. Working with one crust at a time - carefully place the rolled dough on the hot grill and close the lid - it takes about a minute to achieve a crispy crust - I love a golden crust with patches of burned black spots - adds flavor.

Now - flip the dough. Working quickly - add a light coating of sauce, and top with your cheese selection. Last night I used a fresh buffalo mozzarella and a sprinkling of a beautifully aged grated provolone. The basil leaves add flavor and color. Close the lid of the grill and cook another minute or two to melt the cheese. Enjoy!

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Emma said...

Ooh, that pizza looks delicious!

I found your blog through the mention in the Phoenixville Farmers Market newsletter. I just moved to Phoenixville from West Chester a few months ago.

I've never quilted, but I'd love to try it someday. Your project benefiting MCHC is wonderful! Just thought I'd say "hello!"

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