Sunday, July 18, 2010

Labor of Love - A Quilter's Garden

A few weeks ago I received an invitation to visit the garden of a quilting friend of mine - an open house for a garden, and not just any garden. Welcome to the garden - no, this is not the famed Longwood Gardens.

We're at the water's edge of Myrna and Paul's garden - a labor of love for these two life long dedicated gardeners. They manage this entire garden themselves, just under an acre in size, spending 8 - 10 hours a day tending, weeding, watering and doing whatever else the garden requires to make it flourish.

Meet Myrna - in addition to her love of gardening she is an absolutely amazing quilter.

Here's her husband Paul, giving a tour of the garden.

And this little guy posed for a shot as well - just look at this beautiful dragonfly - what big turquoise eyes you have!

Here's a look at a lovely cherub perched by the oak leaf hydrangea.

What bird wouldn't love to have lunch at this feeder with a backdrop of the stars and stripes?

This section of the garden is Zen-like with it's plantings, statuary and fountain. Despite the 90 degree temperature on the thermometer it was relaxingly cool in the shade of the tree canopy.

Carrying on with my Year of the Bird - here is a lovely bird themed plaque.

Now that's what I call a door bell! This is the front door to their home which was built in the late 1800's. Myrna uses the bell when Paul gets lost in the garden.

Myrna made two beautiful quilted table runners for the refreshment table. My only suggestion to her for next year was to bring out some of her beautiful quilts to adorn the gardens - she is an exquisite quilter and her creations would look stunning draped throughout the garden. It was a lovely visit Myrna - thanks so much for the hospitality!

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Lorrie and Fred said...

Thanks Lisa for your blog, and giving your readers a tour of this magnificent garden! Almost as good as being there!

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