Friday, July 16, 2010

Hanging Up My Apron

Hanging it up - my apron, that is - I have to - it's wearing out! Even the bias cut twill straps are becoming thread bare - it's served me well for many years. What to do??? Make a new one, of course.

I decided to use this great home dec weight fabric from Alexander Henry called Bird Song - after all, this is my year of the bird. The hand of this fabric is canvas-like, perfect for a "working apron".

Her's a hint for working with heavier weight fabrics - I use office clips to hold my fabric instead of pins - they work really well. I used my worn out apron as the pattern for this project. I had a yard of 54 inch fabric - perfect for the apron.

And here it is - modeled by my daughter Meredith - she looks great in it - but don't be fooled - she could care less about cooking. After I took this shot she promptly took it off and asked what was for dinner.

Here's a little photo treat for you. I was in Philly earlier this week and saw this beautiful mobile - I just had to snap a photo for you - go figure - more birds.
What am I working on today - an adorable little dress for my niece's birthday - I'm using a pattern from Olive + S - Sunday's post! Tomorrow I'll be at the Phoenixville Farmer's Market selling baby quilts for Calico Cutters Quilt Guild - stop by if you're local and say "Hi".

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