Monday, August 30, 2010


Skid-a-marink-i-dink-i-dink.....skid-a-marink-i-doo..... I love you....... Ahhhhh! A favorite little tune my kids and I sang to each other hundreds of times - how appropriate on this the day of the annual Boo Hoo Brunch, an annual tradition with my good friends to toast the start of the school year - some of my friends have kids elementary school, while others, like myself, have 2 girls in college. I look forward to this celebration every year.

Enough of kids - we have ink-a-dink-a-doo to review - back to the results of my experiments with the Liquitex inks. When I saw these swatches hanging from the arms of my octopus hanger I knew I had something special - sheer delight!

This is a swatch of white on white fabric.
And these are 3 sheer samples, left to right, mid-weight organza, light weight organza, and organdy.
Look how beautiful the blue shows up on the white on white. The ink saturates the background white portion of the fabric, and tints the white print a lovely lighter shade of blue - how fun is this!
Here is the mid-weight organza - it takes the paint beautifully as did the light weight organza.
The Liquitex ink covered the organdy beautifully as well. With all of the sheers there was noticeably less bleed of the ink. The ink seemed to absorb into the thread of the fabric, leaving the weave completely open. I love this application of the ink and am definitely going to use sheers in my project to feature this exceptional use of the ink.

I wanted to see how well the ink would cover on printed fabric. I tried the blue and crimson - neither of which were labeled as transparent. As you can see from the samples below, the red is quite transparent, the blue however is very opaque.

Blending - my quest for the color purple. O.K. - red + blue should give me purple, right?
Not so - as you can see on the sample I was not able to produce anything really close to purple, I ended up with brown. I think this likely has something to do with the degree of transparency of the red.
I've got one more ink post. This has really been interesting. I'm close to starting my project for the C&T Publishing Creative Troupe project featuring the ink and I'm really getting excited.

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Jessica said...

i can't make purple?! Darn! i have the 6 color set (looks like you have the same), plus 2 individual bottles (lime green and deep turquoise). i wanted purple but had planned to mix red and blue. Interesting that it tunred out brown...
i really love the look of the blue on white on white fabric! This is something i may never have thought to try. It's beautiful.

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