Thursday, August 12, 2010

That Ding, Dang, Dongle

I drive a Bernina 200 - embroidery loaded. When I purchased my Bernina years ago I also purchased the Auto-Designer Software, and in the past I used it a lot - it was the basis of many teacher gifts and personalized birthday presents. As you know my computer recently crashed and I've been in the process of reinstalling all of my software - not a fun task. After finding my software - (note to self: must come up with an organized storage system for all household software, and must throw out all out of date software) - it was a rocky road getting it loaded. I love Bernina, but I hate that they abandoned tech support of their older software packages. And this ding, dang, dongle - if it weren't for the dongle, life could be so much easier. Happy ending - I have a working embroidery machine again.

I needed to get the software up and functional as my neighbor and good friend asked me to monogram some fabric for her daughter's wedding. Here's the machine chugging along.

First I stitched out sample monograms in 2 different fonts and with a few thread options so she could decide which font / color she liked best.

She chose a simple, clean script stitched in a Madeira black / white twist thread - it really glistens, without the hassle of metallic.

Here is the finished monogram - this fabric is beautiful! Her daughter is getting married in Charleston, SC and wants this fabric turned into pillows to decorate the wooden benches surrounding the rustic outdoor wedding site.

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