Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Shhhhh! She came home - and, she needs her rest.

She's doing well for the most part but she continues to suffer from iatrogenic postal dementia - a result of the geeks stripping her memory and forgetting to back up the e-mail files. All of my e-mails are gone - I had 10's of thousands - all neatly organized in their respective folders, years of archives. And, yes - I often returned to re-read old e-mails. Admittedly, the overwhelming majority of my e-mails are of no concern; some, I'm frankly relieved to be rid of. Gone too are all of my e-mail addresses - it will take some time to recreate my address book - sad.

Important thing is she is home and resting well. Tonight I'll finish installing important programs, connecting her to the printers, and juice her up with a brand new battery - after all she's been through, she needs a new battery. Tomorrow - all about quilting, sewing and cooking - and I've been doing a lot of all of the above.

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