Monday, August 2, 2010

On Life Support

It's been 2 weeks - my poor little lap top is still in the ICU on life support. Many have been suggesting I pull the plug, but I'm not ready to give up - I love the little guy. Things were looking up for awhile - the geeks removed 118 infected files and we thought we'd turned a corner. But the problem ran deeper - they had to ditch the memory - inducing a chemical computer coma - allowing the geeks to re-establish a new baseline. It's still blue screening but they are giving me hope and I'm standing by the little guy - I'm hopeful to get good news today or tomorrow. Please hang in there a few more days.

A positive note: all of my free time off of the laptop has given me lots of creative time. I've got tons to share with you when I'm back up and blogging.

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