Thursday, January 6, 2011

Comfort Food and Cut-Outs

My daughters are home from college so I like to cook a lot of comfort food meals - nothing says comfort like turkey. Typically post-holiday we are filled to the gills with turkey leftovers but this year for Christmas I prepared hams instead of turkey - I was just too busy - and when you're cooking for close to 40 the easy button is very appealing.

Since we were all missing our dose of holiday turkey I prepared these delicious stuffed turkey thighs for dinner last night - from the current issue of Fine Cooking. They were quite simple to throw together and so delicious.
I admit I didn't follow the stuffing recipe - but opted instead to create my own with some great sour dough bread, cranberries, celery, onions and bacon - sprinkled liberally with rubbed sage and thyme.
Now for the cut-outs - - - I found this artist as I was stumbling about on line last night and just had to share him with you - Peter Callesen. His work is simply amazing - it took me over an hour to browse through his website. You can feel the emotion attached to some of his works - they are so moving. It's scherenschnitte on steroids. I would love to see a stop motion video of his work - I looked but couldn't find any.

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Lynn W, aka Alamosa Quilter said...

Are you familiar with the book "One Red Dot?" The cut-out above reminds me of this book that a friend gave me for Christmas. Every page is amazing.

There are some images of the pages at the link above.

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