Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Laura's Biscotti

This is my good friend Laura - she makes the best biscotti you ever tasted. A few years ago she turned her talent for biscotti baking into a cottage industry, Laura's Biscotti, - - -
making the most delicious biscotti for all to enjoy - - - she makes great granola as well!
Diane, another good friend, has been Laura's baking buddy in the kitchen, but is moving on to start her student teaching (Congrats Di - What an achievement! Di is also the author of a very thought provoking blog - A Subject for Consideration - check it out!)). Di enlisted my help to accent her "leaving the kitchen" gift to Laura - oven mitts that don't walk (they work in a shared kitchen). My assignment - to embroider "Laura's Biscotti" on the mitts - well - that was impossible - they were too thick and there was no way to hoop them without dismantling them. Solution - embroider "Laura's Biscotti" onto another piece of fabric and sew that fabric on to the mitts!

I used black stabilizer since I was using black fabric.

And, while the machine was up and running, I decided to throw in an apron - I always keep extra chef's aprons in my stash - they make great gifts!
She's all set to impress! Sewing the fabric to the mitts was not easy - they are sewn on the upper and lower edges but I simply could not sew the side - fusible to the rescue. She can show them off to my guild members - she bakes in her church's commercial kitchen, and my guild is going to start meeting in the same church, right next to the kitchen - the aroma of the biscotti is going to drive us crazy! FYI - she does internet sales!!!
Here's an update on menu plan for the week - check back in at Sunday's post for all of the details. The Bacon-Flower Soup from Aarti was incredible - will make time and again - really delicious. I served it with a crunchy salad - - -
and this terrific onion focaccia from Martha's Everyday Food.
FYI - the plates and bowls are from Willi Singleton - love his work!

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