Sunday, January 16, 2011

The King's Walls - - - Speech

I saw the King's Speech today - it was magnificent - Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush were amazing in their roles. The other standout for me was the set designer. Did you see it - - - did you notice the walls??? The wall treatment and the wallpapers were so beautiful - - - they could turn everyone of them into a fabric and I'd buy it! I'm all set for the Golden Globes tonight - and yes, I really hope the King's Speech takes a few home.

I'm focusing on cooking for today's post - a week's worth of dinners featuring relatively light and healthy options. I'll admit I haven't tried most of these recipes - but I will be following the meal plan this week and will give you my opinion on each recipe. Eat along if you like! Many of the recipes come from the January / February Cooking Light - it's that time of year - I've got to cut the calories and find some physical activity to do despite the snow - arghhhh!

Sunday: Celery Root Bisque and Beet, Blood Orange, Kumquat and Quinoa Salad. We had this tonight and loved the salad, but were not crazy about the soup.
Monday: Bacon-Flower Soup from Aarti of the Food Network and Onion Focaccia (from this month's Everyday Food - recipe not available on line)
Tuesday: Chicken Fried Rice with Leeks and Dried Cranberries
Wednesday: Root Vegetable Hash with Poached Eggs and Parsley Pesto
Thursday: Fettuccine with Mushrooms and Hazelnuts, Tossed Salad
Friday: Dinner out!!! After all, I cooked all week!!!

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